Starting a “Buzz” or the Power of WOM (part 1)

I’ve always been a strong proponent of Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing or what is commonly known as starting a “Buzz”. It is certainly one of the most effective ways to market Read More

We are raising $1,000,000 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina…

and we are doing it by selling advertising space for $1 per pixel at Crazy? Not quite! 21 year old English student/entrepreneur Alex Tew started the concept in early September Read More

Temporary Autism – darn, I knew it all along…

I have always marveled at entrepreneurs, CEOs, and hiring managers who seemingly breeze through the hiring process like they’re channel-surfing; ultimately landing on something they like. Many of the hiring Read More

Making plans…

Over the past few weeks Chris had suggested to me that I formalize my vision for Globat from a 30,000 ft POV and present it to our directors in one of our Read More


I finally followed my family, who went already 2 weeks ago, to my hometown Krefeld, Germany to visit some good old german friends and family. I went with mixed emotions as Read More

Care to share a kidney?

I’m sure you as well as most of us have heard about the incredibly long National Organ Transplant waiting lists for organ transplant receipients. Most of these organ donations come from recently Read More

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