My take on “seasonal revenue fluctuations”

I have somewhat of a radical attitude toward seasonal sales and revenue fluctuations. I believe that more often than not companies and people use typical seasonal changes as an excuse Read More

Lets get it started…

Ok, my best friend Pete Pergelides (Pete, he spells it Petie [I’m German, don’t blame me], is the most talented singer, voice coach, actor, and entertainer I know) and I have been talking Read More

The “Kobe” Theory

I’m a big proponent of team work. A team to me is at least 2 people working together on a common goal. That doesn’t mean that there is no room Read More

How may we be of service?

Ok, I admit it; I’m a Foodie! Big time, and I really mean BIG TIME!  Having a sophisticated and fun 3 hours+ dinner with my friends is on of the pleasures Read More

Negotiation – Rules of Engagement

I recently taught a class on negotiation strategies and tactics. As part of my preparation for this I started formulating a set of guidelines using some of the obvious thing Read More

Alaska? Coming right up!

I’m taking Pete and the family on our first official Alaska cruise next Thursday. It’s amazing how much positive feedback we got from people since I booked the cruise. Brad has always been the Read More

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