Ben’s Story

Ben was born in 1966 in Krefeld, Germany. He grew up in a typical German blue collar neighborhood as the one child of a super hard working steel worker dad and a just as hard working butcher’s helper mom who tried to provide for their small family as good as they could. Money was always tight and Ben’s parents were never able to afford their own home or make any large (or even small) financial advances.

Ben grew up in a rough neighborhood and because he was a rather small boy (hard to believe when you meet him today) he got beaten up by bigger kids quite a bit.  Ben’s dad took him to the local boxing club where he began to study the art of fencing with his fists. This ultimately lead Ben to a variety of other martial arts, which he studied and excelled in to the point where he became an expert martial artist (Ben holds 12 black belts in 4 different styles) and singer Phil Collins bodyguard. It also was martial arts that brought Ben to the United States for the first time in 1988. Over the next 6 years he visited a variety of U.S. cities for tournaments and to study Muay Thai boxing and what today is know as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Heavily effected by one of his closest friends taking his own life in 1992 Ben finally decided to leave his friends and family behind in Germany and fullfil his dream to live in what he considered the land of unlimited opportunities – the United States of America. Although he barley spoke English and had only $9,000 in savings in 1994 Ben immigrated to the U.S. and made Los Angeles his permanent home.

While waiting for his work papers to come through Ben discovered the Internet in its early stages through online services such as CompuServe and Prodigy. Ben began to realize that this “Internet thing” could ultimately change the way the world communicates and how information would be disseminated. He began to work on and eventually launched Icom, one of the first ever low cost web hosting services in the United States. By making the Internet affordable and available to the masses Ben pioneered the web hosting industry and many of the founders and CEOs of the leading web hosting companies of the past 15 years used to work for Icom at one point or another. In 1998 Ben merged with another Internet Service Provider and together with then SoftBank Venture Capital Director Brad Feld, took the company public. Brad and Ben are still friends to this day.

Ben ultimately founded, built, ran, and/or sold a variety of Internet brands such as,,, and For his achievements in the technology industry Ben was nominated for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2000 and 2003. He is a board member of the Studio City Improvement Association and the immediate two terms past President of the Studio City Neighborhood Council. He is also charitably engaged as a Board member of the East Valley YMCA and the Studio City Kiwanis. In addition, he serves alongside Scott Hamilton on the Board of Governors of the Pituitary Network Association.

After selling his last technology companies to one of his long time protégés, Ben used the opportunity and spent a lot of time with his family, his spouse Tamara and their four young boys Devin, Ben Connor, Justin and Dominic. He began to notice how the kids flourished in their daily lives, school and relationships after he coached them with some of his unique strategies and approaches to life and problem-solving. in late 2011 Ben spent a week with Tony Robbins’ at Date with Destiny, which truly changed his life. Encouraged by all of thist and his desire to help others Ben decided on a drastic change in direction. Within a few months he founded The Neumann Group and started to develop materials, products, workshops/seminars and courses that would ultimately allow Ben to help other people to become hugely successful on the Internet, in business and in life itself. Ben finally found his calling as The Internet’s Success Expert™ and decided to “Put America Back to Work” by creating his project and starting his quest for health and vitality through his Powerful Vitality program.

Ben once again looks at the future as filled with love, excitement and opportunities. The sky is the limit!

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