How to make 2012 Your Best Year EVER!

Do you like the week between Christmas day (Dec 25) and New Years day (Jan 1)? I can say with dedication and passion that this week is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year. I always consider it, “The last moment of silence before the storm”.

I, like so many other people, use this week to reflect on the year that has nearly past, relive some of the things which happened and even briefly feel some of the emotions I felt. I look at all the good things I experienced and how I can do more of that in the coming year, but I also remember the not so good and the bad things that happened and how I can do better next year.

I can state with confidence that 2011 was a pretty turbulent year for me personally. My relationship with my love Tam and our four sweet boys allowed me the incredible opportunity to experience love in a dimension I never thought possible before. My companies and started to really take off. I moved my family into a new and beautiful home and embraced new challenges and opportunities. I launched my new project and finally completed the research and development on my Powerful Vitality™ Wellness, Weighloss and Fitness program (I’m going to test the entire program on myself starting Jan 2, 2012, and post all updates on my website, so stay tuned).

Along the way I met many incredible and inspirational people such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Mike Koenigs, Pam & Chris Hendrickson, Jeff Walker, Rick Frishman, Grace Jamra, Mike Hanasab, Charles Sophy, Rich Segal, Max Contadino, Phil Staples and also reconnected with many old friends such as Humberto Gray, Robbie Blumenfeld, John Walker and Theo Agranat, just to name a few. On the flip-side, my long time relationship with some of my dearest friends, business partners and protégés was put to the strongest test yet due to mistakes we’ve made in the past, especially how we communicated with each other. I’m still hoping we will be able to salvage our friendship(s) once everything else is settled, as they mean a lot to me, but only time will tell.

One of our awesome kids was diagnosed with ADHD in 2011 and a few other learning challenges, which caused Tam and me to learn more about the human brain and its functions and how nutrition affects these functions than we ever thought we would know. In addition, my seemingly never ending divorce story took way to much of my valuable mind-share, which unfortunately caused me to stress-eat and gain more weight (as if I needed any more of that). Toward the end of the year I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the incredible Tony Robbins, who brought out the “King of Health” in me and lastly I needed to be strong for my mom, who I love very much, who unexpectedly lost her mother (my grandmother) a few days before Christmas.

The absolute most important lesson I learned in 2011 is that life truly is way too short to dwell on the negative things. I now embrace the notions that life is happening for me instead of to me and that whatever you resist, will persist.

As a successful serial entrepreneur I naturally want to be in control of all the things around me, but I finally accepted the fact that certain things are simply not within my control, no matter how much I want them to be. At the same time, other things (i.e. what I put into my mouth) definitely are very much within my control and should be controlled.

My vast experiences of 2011 combined with my 45 minutes on stage with Tony Robbins at his Date with Destiny seminar and the incredibly positive impact my loving family has had on me profoundly changed the way I look at myself and the world around me going forward.

2012 will be dedicated to my health, my family and finally to 100% embrace what I am truly passionate about: helping and mentoring others to reach their full potential in their business, their relationships, their physical and emotional vitality as well as their very own life goals. I am convinced, the many people who’s life I will touch in 2012 will in return help me to finally find the same happiness and fulfillment in my professional life that so far I have only found in my relationship with Tam and my family.

One of my most important goals for 2012 is to be much better in touch with you personally and to be a truly great resource for your success in 2012.

So, let me begin 2012 by sharing one of the the most important pieces of advice I can give you,  before 2012 even started!

Whenever I am asked what the most important skills I have that I would attribute to any unusual success I have achieved in the past is, my answer has always been the same: value and build my relationships and stick to my Goal-Action-Success system, which I have used and continue to use to strategically plan and achieve all my bigger goals.

The very week I am writing this article during  is also the first week I use to go through my process. This is one of the most important weeks of my goal-achieving year. Right now!

If you want to know all the intricate details of my Goal-Action-Success system I’m giving the entire system away to my members. Visit before this week is over and simply put in your name and email. It really is that easy.

I wish you all a very healthy and incredible 2012, filled with love, gratitude and success!


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