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Ok, my best friend Pete Pergelides (Pete, he spells it Petie [I’m German, don’t blame me], is the most talented singer, voice coach, actor, and entertainer I know) and I have been talking quite a bit about creative outlets lately. So, as result of this, and after reading my other best friend Chris Ueland’s (Chris is also my business partner in Globat, Modern Living, and ProcLogic) blog and my buddy Brad Feld’s blog (Brad acquired one of my earlier Internet companies and with that and the 2 years we worked together changed my life) for a while I finally decided to take the plunge and join the blogging world (for better or worse) and started “Views from the Trenches”. So, welcome to anyone who wishes to peek in and spend time enduring my potentially completely biased and mostly very candid view points. Feel free to “chime” in as well whenever you feel it’s warranted. Enjoy! – Ben Neumann.

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