Negotiation – Rules of Engagement


I recently taught a class on negotiation strategies and tactics. As part of my preparation for this I started formulating a set of guidelines using some of the obvious thing most people know (or should know) and adding some of my personal experiences. The results are my “Rules of Engagement” 

I’m starting this post by making it crystal clear that negotiation is a process that can be learned! By following a number of rules, which I have outlined below, and practicing (repetition, repetition, repetition is the mother of retention), virtually everyone can fine-tune their skills at negotiating deals in which everyone wins. Please note that the “everyone wins” part is very important when you negotiate and want to continue a good relationship (i.e. funding/financing deals, leases, or salaries) with your counterpart post negotiations. If you are negotiating a one-time deal (i.e. bazaar, flea market) its more of a guideline than a rule. You’ll notice that the majority of deals you negotiate, however, fall under the win-win rule. 

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