New ideas – Ajax (no, not the cleaner)…

AJAX is actually a really cool tool that makes browser-based applications behave more like software that runs on your PC. Most web applications require that a new web page is send to a user to accomplish individual steps in a task, which explains why they are more often than not pretty darn slow. AJAX (stands for Asynchronus Javascript And XML) lets new data trickle in, updating the content of pages on the fly without much of a visible refresh or reload of the page. Have you used’s new search engine, Google’s Gmail and Maps, Netflix movie ratings, or Yahoo’s Flickr service? Than you have definitely used an AJAX application. Jesse James Garrett of SF-based Adaptive Path, who came up with the name AJAX, believes that its real impact will be in the enterprise applications, i.e. by speeding up the work of remote employees. Software giant Microsoft is already on a AJAX developer kit. That is usually a pretty sure sign that it’s ready for the big time.

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