Comments on steroids?

Chris and I discussed comments on blogs today, and while (it also goes under gets a fairly decent amount of traffic we noticed that there are hardly any commenters around. So, to prove that Read More

The History of Thanksgiving

Given that I was born and raised in Germany I have always looked at our American Holidays with curiosity and respect. Now that I have kids myself I do my Read More

New ideas – watch out for Wi-Max

Have you ever heard of Wi-Max? If not, try to get used to the term as you will most likely be using it shortly. Simply speaking Wi-Max is Wi-Fi on steroids. Read More

40-Year-Old Virgin and old friends

Last night I saw 40-Year-Old Virgin at The Grove. The movie and especially Steve Carell cracked me up. I highly recommend it for 2 hours of light-hearted entertainment. When I saw the movie I almost Read More

Another New Years Resolution

I guess “Happy New Year” well wishes are called for so here we go. Went to the gym nearly daily before New Years with hardly anyone being there. Than Jan 1 Read More

Reality TV = Unscripted Drama = Mark Burnett

Spring and Fall are the seasons when my Tivo is working overtime. Aside from my favorite shows 24, Monk and Real Time (a littleBill Maher never hurts), I also very much enjoy Reality TV. Not all Read More

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