Change is good… and sometimes very necessary.

Welcome to my very first blog post in 2012. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful new year! Life belongs to the living and he who lives Read More

Register for my Superhero Event Today…

Event Registration Online for Ben Neumann presents: The Inspired Business Owner Superhero Bootcamp Mentoring Program Now Open

Just a quick notice for all of you who emailed me since my original post about my new project, the Mentoring Program recently opened its doors and now has only 42 Read More

Twitter Mastery

For the longest time Twitter used to be one of those things I always asked me myself about: “Why the heck would I want to share … with the world?” Read More

Happy New Year

As the last few hours of 2012 slowly but surely tick away I cannot help but reflect upon the many things – good and bad – that happened to the Read More

My take on “seasonal revenue fluctuations”

I have somewhat of a radical attitude toward seasonal sales and revenue fluctuations. I believe that more often than not companies and people use typical seasonal changes as an excuse Read More

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