Wanda Sykes

I used to love to hate Wanda Sykes until Pete took me to a live show of hers. She got her claim to fame by pissing off Bill Cosby at the Oscars Read More

Spa Philosophy & Financing Thoughts

A well equipped spa is one of the perfect places for me to relax, be by myself (although Pete and Chris join me sometimes) and think without being disturbed by Read More

Hurricane Katrina – Our Tsunami?

Last week FEMA announced that 90,000 square miles were affected by Katrina, an area greater than the size of the United Kingdom! This message certainly puts the effects of this Read More

Mediocrity, the root of many evils (not just in software development)

“When small men attempt great enterprises, they always end by reducing them to the level of their mediocrity.” – Napoleon Bonaparte One of the root causes of many problems I, as Read More

Network Outage

Today was a NIGHTMARE-DAY! Globat.com just emerged from a major outage – the worst in company history and everybody – customers and staff alike – still feel extremely beaten up. Read More

40-Year-Old Virgin and old friends

Last night I saw 40-Year-Old Virgin at The Grove. The movie and especially Steve Carell cracked me up. I highly recommend it for 2 hours of light-hearted entertainment. When I saw the movie I almost Read More

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