New ideas – Ajax (no, not the cleaner)…

AJAX is actually a really cool tool that makes browser-based applications behave more like software that runs on your PC. Most web applications require that a new web page is Read More

Twitter Mastery

For the longest time Twitter used to be one of those things I always asked me myself about: “Why the heck would I want to share … with the world?” Read More

Will George Bush beat Richard Nixon?

Not that I would dare to compare my job with President Bush’s set of responsibilities, but even as someone who considers himself somewhat liberal (if you want to find out Read More

70 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

I get asked all the time how I drive traffic to my sites without spending a fortune. Of course, my my more established companies such as Globat or NetDNA we Read More

My take on “seasonal revenue fluctuations”

I have somewhat of a radical attitude toward seasonal sales and revenue fluctuations. I believe that more often than not companies and people use typical seasonal changes as an excuse Read More

How may we be of service?

Ok, I admit it; I’m a Foodie! Big time, and I really mean BIG TIME!  Having a sophisticated and fun 3 hours+ dinner with my friends is on of the pleasures Read More

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