Are you right or left?

Have you ever wondered where you stand politically? Are you more of a liberal or do you consider yourself clearly a conservative? It’s a tough subject and an even tougher Read More

Customer Service? How May We Help You?

It’s interesting, but lately I have been focusing aggressively on customer service. This is, at least in part, due to my blog being listed on’s home page as a Read More

Your Credit – To Protect and To Serve

I have always been very protective of my credit. A perfect credit history along with a high FICO score translates into dollars saved whenever you are in need of financing. Read More

Customer Service with a Personal Touch?

When it comes to delivering quality customer service, one thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that no matter the nature of the business, customer service is the most important Read More

Six Sigma or the Jack Welch Way of Kicking Butt

Ok, I’ve posted my thoughts on service, quality and what a lack thereof can do to an organization here on my blog several times over the past year and a Read More

The History of Thanksgiving

Given that I was born and raised in Germany I have always looked at our American Holidays with curiosity and respect. Now that I have kids myself I do my Read More

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