Managing expectations or dealing with the “difficult” 2%

Over the years I had many interesting discussions with past and current customers of Globat (and some of my other companies prior to Globat). These mostly very constructive and candid exchanges usually Read More

Are men really smarter than women?

Ok, I’m don’t usually post any of the sometimes really funny stories I get in my email box every day, but this one was just too out there (for better Read More

Video of sponsored birth now online at

Many of you have probably heard (it was all over the evening news in the U.S.) that sponsored the birth of a Missouri baby last month. We have now published the Read More

The stunt addiction…

I’m not saying that web hosting isn’t exciting. To me it is, very much actually. I am aware, however, that I’m a bit of a geek and as such my Read More

Are you right or left?

Have you ever wondered where you stand politically? Are you more of a liberal or do you consider yourself clearly a conservative? It’s a tough subject and an even tougher Read More

Customer Service? How May We Help You?

It’s interesting, but lately I have been focusing aggressively on customer service. This is, at least in part, due to my blog being listed on’s home page as a Read More

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