Six Sigma or the Jack Welch Way of Kicking Butt

Ok, I’ve posted my thoughts on service, quality and what a lack thereof can do to an organization here on my blog several times over the past year and a Read More

What does it take?

Scott Maxwell, who’s the Managing Director of expansion stage VC firm Insight Venture Partners in New York recently posted something interesting on his new blog about what it takes to hire the right Read More

The History of Thanksgiving

Given that I was born and raised in Germany I have always looked at our American Holidays with curiosity and respect. Now that I have kids myself I do my Read More

Time flies…

Wow, it’s been a while! The last 4 weeks have been pretty eventful. Globat keeps growing along and it’s fun to sit back and see how the team we created Read More

Back in the groove…

Boy, its been a while since I posted here, but November has truly been a busy and eventful month. Chris and I worked a bit more on the Charity Foundation Read More

We just updated the design on the Now people can choose the areas in which they want to place their pixels in order to select where they want to help. Read More

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