Six Sigma or the Jack Welch Way of Kicking Butt

Ok, I’ve posted my thoughts on service, quality and what a lack thereof can do to an organization here on my blog several times over the past year and a half. For the record, I AM A QUALITY ADVOCATE! So are the majority of the people who work for me and/or with me. I am, and always have been, fully committed to found, fund, and run only quality companies and release only quality products that provide a true benefit and value to the people using them. I hate that sometimes I have to face an unhappy customer, yet the fact that we at Globat at times do fall short of customer’s as well as our own expectations does not change my mindset about quality at all. I will keep leading the charge to change a status quo and iron out any issues that may come up. I am a big Six Sigma enthusiast and am behind the principles and the tremendous benefits this methodology can bring to virtually any organization.

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