Working hard on launching my newest and biggest project yet…

All of my friends know that I am an entrepreneur through and through. Building businesses is and always has been my absolute passion. My other passion has been to mentor young entrepreneurs to become successful and seasoned business leaders. However, it was not until some unexpected events that happened this past Summer opened my eyes to what seemed to be an incredible opportunity for me to combine both of my passions into something that could ultimate become my biggest and most ambitious project to date.

After lots of soul searching, countless meetings, significant encouragement by my amazing spouse Tam, my 4 boys Devin, Ben Jr, Justin & Dominic as well as my many incredible friends (you know who you are) that I finally made the decision to embark on a mission that will most certainly push me to my limits, test my strengths, my will to succeed and my desire to make a difference in this world. I decided to:

Put America Back To Work – One Small Business Hero at a Time!

See, to me entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners have always been heroes. They create jobs, goodwill, products, tax revenue, provide amazing services, invent, innovate and make a huge difference in their own and countless other people’s lives. Based on that philosophy and my core belief that many people want to build something for themselves and others I met with thought leaders and master marketeers such as Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker, Joe Polish, Darren Hardy, Mike Koenigs, Chris and Pam Hendrickson and many others. I started to put together and I am in the process of building a truly inspirational, very goal oriented, completely hands-on and success attracting program to help anybody who has the desire to make a difference and create an online business to make it happen. My declared goal is to inspire, motivate, assist and guide willing entrepreneurs to become highly successful online business owners with a minimum of $5,000m to $10,000+ per month in revenue and, of course, growing from there.

It is well documented that since 1994 I have founded, built and ultimate sold several well know multi-million dollar Internet businesses. Over the years I have developed an online business blueprint that I used and that is replicable and something that can be taught and learned by anybody who is willing to invest the time and energy. All of this and much more will be part of my new program. The rewards will be nothing short of amazing.

For anybody interested in finding out more about this new project of mine I invite you to check out my exciting pre-launch website at:

and get on the early bird pre-launch list. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

Here’s to all of your Heroes out there! See you on the other side.

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